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I organized the silicon valley co-founders meetup for a while.

I think it's pretty clear that the goal is to get out there and start pitching your project to people and see who bites. It's not about finding THE co-founder that particular evening. Network effects friends of friends are very powerful. A lot of people who want to find a co-founder need some way to get started. But you should expect that finding your co-founder will take months.

Join in Berlin, Paris, London, Tel-Aviv, NY....and in your city.

You need to keep talking to people and you'll find developers, business partners, mentors, etc. Geekette on Aug 20, They are inevitably full of people already working on something thus not available to team up and some consultants looking for clients. The possibility of encountering the triple coincidence of a free agent with the complementary skills you need, and an interest in your startup's particular space and stage is almost zero. A big space will include many people open to teaming up. Some founders I know met this way. When you do, attend a hackathon or work on long project together to test for fit.

I've been on CoFounders Lab and Founder Dating and there are some quality people on the sites but nothing meaningful ever materialized. Had some Skype chats with a few people but it's always "let's keep our options open and keep in touch," which obviously we all know means nothing will ever come of it.

I haven't found alot of people who are serious and committed to building something. It seems like alot of people "exploring" building a startup on the side, or it's something they're considering in the future. I haven't spent much time on Angel List so I'm curious to see how that is. I'm a Non-Technical co-founder and it's a little annoying when technical founders think and act like people like myself can't bring alot to the table, when we've had previous successful companies before.

I have a great co-founder dating story. My advise is to know exactly what you are looking for and then recruit for that dream candidate.

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I built out my business, boot strapped my startup for 6 months and had a strong idea of my product vision. As I hadn't been particularly happy with my engineering team prior- i decided to start fresh with the perfect technical cofounder to build our product.

I spoke to a lot of people about what they envisioned for the technical cofounder role for my product and then made a 'dream resume' of that candidate along with the personality traits that would be the ying to my yang. Once I had a good idea of what I was looking for- I went through every single software engineer connection on linkedin to see if anyone might be a match.

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A woman who had moved into my old room when I moved out of my house had the exact background for what I was looking for product driven creative software engineer. I got her involved in our market research study and then asked her for drinks under the premise that she had the exact resume and personality of what I was looking for in a technical cofounder-so what would I need to do in order to find a woman like her and get her to start this company with me.

She really loved my idea and more importantly, saw the opportunity for herself to build a really cool product from scratch. She said during the meeting that she was actually interested and wanted to meet the rest of the team. We spent two months working together, getting to know each other and really thinking through the product.

She met with all of my advisors and poured through our research.

Cofounder Speed Date to match-make techies and non-techies

We had discussions about communications, got into our first tiff and had multiple discussions about timeline and career goals before sealing the deal. We share many passions like art, music and most importantly, helping women with their careers. Now that she is my technical cofounder, so many amazing things have happened.

We work well together because we spent time communicating what we would both need to make this work for us. So figure out what you need, design that dream candidate, go find her or him and take the time to 'date' them till you are both comfortable moving forward. My relationship with her is now the most important one in my life right now and our attention to communicating is what has propelled our product development and our team's growth. A good read for those interested in this topic i.

I attended many of these events. IMHO, these events are practically useless like what mighter said. I am a business founder with slight knowledge about tech. Being a business founder, like mighter said again, it's hard to sell the idea to tech founder unless you prove yourself. Rather than wait for the right person to come, I decided that I bootstrap myself and launched the site. If anyone here CTO, CMO, etc is interested to find out more, please email me at there are 9 6's in the email guest gmail.

Why not get to know the person well? Launch a side business in a week and see how you both work together under pressure. Essentially this is going on a few dates before you get married. As a side bonus and unlike a date you will have a longer runway with a small side income. KaoruAoiShiho on Aug 20, Find someone else passionate about your problem. This is hard but not impossible if you look within your community. Its real tough to be a solo founder and you need somebody with different skill sets to augment your own and to keep you on track.

The various founder dating sites and events are a means to an end. A lot of it depends on your pitch and idea but it's good practice and networking never hurts. I met one of my cofounders on Angellist. I had a decent wireframe of the site and how the database and interactions would work but the other cofounders helped to elevate the rough idea. I've been there for 6 month now and still no luck. He has led multiple IT projects from startup to completion and is well versed in web-based systems architecture and database desig I'm a current commercial banking analyst at Citi with a focus in technology industry in New York City.

I believe I can utilize my financial back ground to suppor I have also been involved in 3 businesses - an online magazine, an online sales platform and a distribution company.

How to Divide Equity Between Co-Founders in a Startup

I'm very switched on, enthusiastic and always positiv Latest posts from your blog. London-based entrepreneur Vincent Digna To save your favorites, please sign up. Perks Partners Contact Us. I am confident that I have the skills to make a meaningful contribution as a business developer or a marketing wizard. This is a unique opportunity to lead all tech and product aspects as part of an incredible and fun team. We're looking for a mobile developer who loves and understands product.

I have a marketing and business plan ready to launch, I now need the right individual to join me and give the project the attention and dedication it deserves. I'm looking for a co-founder that can help me bring my business to market. I have a background in Accounting and Finance and started my own non-profit and have worked with great entrepreneurs. Who has a startup idea Who wants to join a startup.

Looking for a Co-Founder to join my Idea. Have an idea for startup. VR for online shopping. At the idea stage. Learn more about me. Today, I have built my e-commerce website. Fashion e-commerce startup looking to disrupt the UK industry. Looking for some crazy passionate people like me who wants to start their own startup. I have been working for 6 months on a very interesting platform for the e-commerce consumers and for marketplaces using an Image Recognition and AI technology with huge market potential.

This is a real start up. I designed and developed a website for internet marketing and website related services. I have created a prototype of a platform similar to Codility codility. I have an idea related to generating clean energy, which is very hard to implement. Our idea is a travel application that addresses a lot of the pain points of getting recommendations from friends and family and crowd sourcing some of the best travel ideas. My kick-butt idea is to make an online marketplace to buy single 3D models in a reasonable price where 3D exchanges in our present sell collections and focus on large amounts of money.

The technical division of the project is being created but we need some people able to weave relationships with the customers, able to be passionate and passionate and able to support me where I can not reach. CNSintel offers confidential scientific peer-reviewing advice to drug development companies from a global network of prominent neuroscientists.

It is a subscription box for books. Wants to join startup as a Co-Founder.

Network Section

Looking to join a startup. Arkam Sameem is extremely passionate in succeeding with a startup and wants to do it full time and put all of his efforts into it. A highly efficient, innovative and methodical Marketing expert with extensive experience of supporting sales department by reviewing, developing, defining the overall branding and marketing strategies. I'm looking for partner to run e-commerce shop based on drop-shipping model US market.

I work within Pharma neuroscience in my day job. I am a software engineer with a lot of experience in iOS and full stack web. I am looking to join or help out a start-up and build a base for the company, always had a dream to start some business and this platform should help me out. I am professional Ruby on Rails developer.

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