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Whether you're looking to up your at-home cocktail game or add some vintage flair to your bar cart , retro cocktail glasses are the way to go. But where do you start? Emily , 44 Bath, Avon. Gemma , 39 Bath, Avon.

Sue , 37 city center, Bath, Avon. Rebecca , 37 Bath, Avon. Claudia , 40 Bath, Avon.

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Abi , 32 Bath, Avon. Lillyeve , 41 Oldfield Park, Bath, Avon. Kate , 35 City Centre, Bath, Avon. The problem with this type of picture is that it makes us have to work too hard, so we are on to the next profile. Lose those pictures please.

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Replace them with pictures of you that are distinct from the background behind you. Then there are the gray pictures, the stock photos dating sites put up when you offer no pictures.

Next, there are the things to say or not say in your profile. Wonderful I Am, I Am.

How to Make a Bathroom Romantic

Many men list so many wonderful traits they say they possess, one wonders where or if humility ever figures in. So, how do you tell the women viewing your profile you are someone they would enjoy meeting without sounding like you are selling snake oil instead of describing yourself? I work hard and enjoy excelling at my job. I enjoy people, do my best to understand them, and believe in helping others when I can.

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I care about my friends, and believe in honesty in relationships. In my fun times I enjoy a wide variety of activities, everything from cycling to volunteering. My glass is always at least half full.

Dating in Bath

I love deeply and enjoy sharing my feelings with my partner. What woman would not want to grab you right off the page after reading a profile like that?

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Talk about your hopes, your dreams, your feelings, what you enjoy in others. Negativity in a profile is a definite turn off for women and men , on to the next profile. We both want to experience the chemical reaction of oxytocin, the powerful hormone that helps us trust and bond. And bonding usually ultimately results in physical intimacy at least we hope it does.

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X plus Y sprinkled with a little oxytocin is a potent mind drug. It is a natural high.

How to Make a Bathroom Romantic | Dating Tips

But chemistry does not happen with everyone we meet or date. Most men do not get closer to instigating that oxytocin high by stating in their profiles how much they like kissing, hugging, and how much they enjoy physical intimacy. So, how do you indicate that you are all male, your equipment works, and you surely would like to meet someone who would enjoy taking your equipment for a test drive?

Men can date a lot of women, and no one thinks anything of it. Yet women who do what some men call Serial Dating dating more than one man at a time are judged harshly. Men can be sexually active in several relationships without being judged, yet when women do the same thing they are referred to derogatorily. You can have both, you know. Do you want a quality relationship, or do you just want hook-ups?

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Dating in bathroom

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