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Went through a year of waking up covered in crap. Dwindled things down to the main food groups. Usually, you have less choices with an ileostomy, it depends on how much intestine is in there.

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Have a CT to check. What I do now is have a binge night. I will go to a restaurant and order whatever.

I get prepared before bed. If you don't give yourself a little pleasure, you will get really frustrated. Keeps me sane and not tripping out about having an ileostomy. With a colostomy, you should be able to eat more, but nuts are really a no no. More bowel to hold waste.

Check in future about reversing ileostomy, once chemo and all that is done. About a year and a half. Make sure you get a good colorectal surgeon, and you should be able to go back to normal. If not, just try to stay positive and treat yourself every once in a while. Has anyone had any experiences in this environment good or bad? One life live it!!! Get out there and live it. You will be surrpised no one will be the slighest bit bothered or make any nasty comments. Naturism isn't for me but as I've read stories and seen bits and pieces about it on TV there the most unjuging people around and never judge anyone on there apperance.

I'm with all the supportive comments. My brother used to run a dress optional resort in NZ and nobody worried about what other people were wearing or not. A pouch would not have made any difference to their non-judgemental attitudes. Yesterday was a confusing time for me. For some reason I was really mad. It wasn't that little angry feeling that sometimes wells up. It was full blown, wanting to give someone a right beat down kind of anger.

After my first real boyfriend and I broke up…

I wracked my brain all day, trying to figure out why I was experiencing this feeling. It lasted well into the evening before it finally went away with no explanation why it came or why it went. I cried and cried, holding on tightly to the obituary and the blanket of my son. I could smell the fabric softer he used when washing his clothing and the last few hours of his life in the ICU filled my mind.

Dating and Intimacy with an Ostomy – Part 1: Background

I wanted to hear his voice, his unique laughter that made me laugh every time I heard it. His words of concern for my well being when he called me every week. I wanted to hug him, so tightly but all I had to hug was his blanket. I cried for an hour and then dried my tears and went on with my life and tried to feel somewhat normal. However, everything is changed now. These odd, confusing emotions hit me out of the blue, like a tidal wave. They cover me, making me feel like I am drowning and then they rush back into the sea, tearing apart everything that I used to know.

I want them to end! I want to have a feeling of peace in my soul. I want to believe that my beautiful boy, the boy who struggled every single moment of his short 33 years of life on this earth was needed in Heaven by God. I want to feel happy for him that he is no longer in pain and that he is perfect with a new body. I don't know when this sadness will turn into acceptance, peace and joy but I hope it will be soon. Everything you are feeling is normal and part of the grieving process.

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It is a tough process and different for each of us! You were so lucky to have your son for 33 years. I am not one to go to any counseling but if you are, there are so many people going through the same thing and talking helps some people. I have always kept my grief private.

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After 40 years, I still think of my son but not every day, every minute as in the beginning! They certainly would want us to continue to live our life and meet them when it is our time! Every day of my life I wake up hoping my husband will be there beside me. He's not, and I've been there with you Grief, I feel cannot be shared, it is too personal for each and every person. Like Bill, after years of this, I know I had to move on Today, I still smile at his picture, swear at him when I can't find something, but his memory no longs rules my life.

This takes time, YOUR time, no one else can tell you when you can move forward. The Irish have a wonderful comment on the death of a loved one: I need some advice. I have worked for 43 years at the same place. I am a supervisor and believe most employees respect and like me. I don't lie to employees or fead them a line of BS never have never will. I have a cosupervisor who works the second shift following me. I have been a nurse for those 43 years she about 5, she is constantly reporting me to the DON for decisions I have made that she has embelished into a bad light.

Usually I ignore it but the last one really pissed me off. I never report people I handle things on my own.

Dating and Intimacy with an Ostomy - Part 1: Background |

I don't play dirty so don't want to go that route. And by the way I never sought thi information all shifts tell allthe rest of the supervisors this. At may age you would think I would know how to handle this, but i am stumpped, I have had it out with her one on one but she walked away when I confronted her on her behavior. I have seen so many incompetent coworkers get placed into some of the better jobs. It is frustrating when you work so hard and someone who lies on their paperwork and makes up visits with clients just to make their quota get praises left and right.

Thanks for your reply! I was a Supervisor for many years in a large Manufacturing plant. I was the same as you, told it like it is, good or bad, just facts. There were always people trying to make their way up the ladder and some think it is by taking out the competition but the smart ones make friends with the competition and learn all they can from them to become good enough for that next rung on the ladder!

The ones that cause trouble, like yours will not last long in any workplace and only time will solve your dilemma. She will soon run out of steam because all will know her tactics she will not limit them to just you. As far as you DON, I had a boss that could not confront any behavioral issue with employees. I would tell her that she needed to confront them head on and not when they became an issue that HER boss would reflect on her performance.

She was finally fired after working there of 25 years! Your quality of work speaks for itself!

My goal was to do a tandem skydive before i'm 40 and before i had my operation. Now that i'm 6 wks post op and nearing 40 soon, i cant do the jump just yet. So being realistic ive set a goal to complete a skydive between months time! I had Crohn's and got an ileostomy in I am a 65 year old man who has been married since I have read similar stories as mine on this site. My wife is my ostomy nurse she helps me shave and change my bag. I don't know what I would do without her. But, that is where the love stops.

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Since the surgery we have become nothing more than roommates. The sex and romance are gone. It wasn't great for the ten years of battling Chron's prior to my surgery either. She simply has no interest and will not talk about it. She hasn't looked me in the eyes and told me she loves me in a long time.

She doesn't kiss me goodnight anymore. She hasn't asked for sex in twenty years. I have contemplated divorce for many years. The one or two feeble attempts at sex each year end in no orgasm for me. Her attention span for sex is minutes.

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