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Super Long Matchmaking search time.

Super Long Matchmaking search time

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Super Long Matchmaking search time Hello everybody.

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This isn't a MM complaint - the system works perfectly and I can't stop face palming at the people who complain that they have over wins but get paired up with low win below players. I guess they don't understand anyone can make a smurf account and get into the same skill bracket as their main. My only problem is that recently I noticed a huge increase in time for finding a match.

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I have noticed this ever since the removal of Solo-matchmaking and the recent patch I queue'd for match regardless, haven't touched solo. Before this patch update it usually took me xseconds - 5 minutes on average to find a match.

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  4. Super Long Matchmaking search time;
  5. Now, it's taking me longer than 10 minutes to find a match and this has been happening for a few days. Yesterday when I queued between It took me 12 minutes just to find a match search scope was only half way filled , which, in the end didn't even start due to a player cancellation declined match. This leads me to believe there are either not enough players in my bracket or I'm paired up against constant person stacks. After 30 minutes of finding a match and not being able to play the game I just went to bed.

    Can I get some more clarification on this matter?

    Dota 2 Matchmaking Stats

    And If this isn't posted in the right forum section please move it there: Any feedback would be wonderful! I play on EU west and am experiencing the same issue. I can understand that times should be longer since there are now basically two seperate ques but it's still taking more than double what it used to. I've tried queing both as a solo and normal MM. Believe me, it is worse on south america.

    I've constantly waited 10 minutes alone and more than 20 on some parties, and we aren't even first couple of pages. Last edited by ValeN; at And you needn't assume that speeds will necessarily be a problem either.

    Thanks for your feedback.

    A few VPNs are now pretty well optimised for gaming, as we'll highlight as we work further down the page. But with all of that clear, let's look at the list. In tests, IPVanish was up to five times faster that some of its rivals over shorter distances, and its download speeds are strong across the board.

    That alone is a solid point in its favour, as is the fact that IPVanish owns its entire server infrastructure, which covers more than servers over 60 different countries.

    The Noob's Guide to Raising Your Solo Ranked MMR

    Perhaps most importantly, those servers can be sorted by ping time and gaming suitability, giving you all the tools you need to plan your DOTA 2 VPN session properly. Alas, all of this doesn't come cheap, compared to some other VPNs, and there's no free trial - though a seven-day, money-back guarantee is available. Of all the price plans, the full-year sign-up is cheapest, but obviously the level of commitment you're initially happy with is entirely up to you.

    When it comes to pure download speeds, stacked on top of pure breadth of geographical locations, VyprVPN is a beast. Offering global servers, offering , individual IP addresses, VyprVPN also tested with download speeds up to two and a half times faster than connecting without a VPN. That's the kind of bonus you get when you're looking at a tier-1 with its own infrastructure.

    There are, alas, no refunds with VyprVPN, but you can get a three-day free trial. ExpressVPN might not be the cheapest around, but it certainly is one of the most robust all-round services.

    Dota 2: The Simple Rules of Gaining MMR and Ranking Up - Pro Dota 2 Guides

    It has absolutely no interest in logging your data, delivers solid connection speeds, and gives you the option of different global locations spread across a not-unimpressive 94 countries. As is often the case with VPNs, signing up for longer gets you a cheaper deal in the long-run, but you can also test the service out with a day free trial if you're not sure you want to commit.

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