Capricorn woman dating cancer man

A 21st Century Capricorn Woman

One is the tendency to be cautious and reserved.

Even if friendly, and both signs certainly can be, there's an element of reticence about their interactions with other people that needs respect from any partner who gets near them. If a Cancer man and a Capricorn woman begin a relationship, each partner will understand the other's need to not be so effusive when first meeting someone. Both these people could be total extroverts, and they'd still get the concept of not being so open with new people. Respect for one's personal boundaries is such a deep, primal need that this mutual respect alone sets the stage for great compatibility.

A Cancer-Capricorn pairing is a nice one to see. Cancer is often associated with the home and Capricorn with business. In general, both are responsible and tend to just get to work, filling in the gaps of the other sign. Cancer may provide that caring home environment that Capricorn often lacks in the quest for a goal, and Capricorn may provide the structure that Cancer needs to feel protected. This is not to say that all Cancers, including the men, will stay at home, or that all Capricorns, including the women, will be focused solely on career.

Cancer Man and Capricorn Woman in Love

On the contrary, Cancer is often a wonderfully practical businessperson, and Capricorn can be just as happy as a stay-at-home parent, as long as their goals fit with their wants and needs. But both need to have characteristics that mesh well with the other person's. The Cancer male is caring, cautious, and loyal, ensuring that his partner feels comfortable and supported. He can be very tender and sensitive, often wrapping himself in that classic Cancerian shell to appear less vulnerable. But he can also get a little too tender and sensitive, much to the annoyance of the more practical Capricorn woman.

Female Capricorns are hard-working and do long for the comforts of home. Their energy and concentration help move businesses along and ensure that budgets, be they for businesses or friends planning a day out at the beach, don't end up falling apart. Heis really committed to working and being stable, has a recent transplant to ourstate. So I hadn't seen him for two months but it appears after telling him thatI wanted to just make him my friend, because I was upset that he depriving mewith intimacy ;.. What I wasn't expecting for aCapricorn woman, I do use my dominance sexually.

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I'm very aggressive but henever allowed it, he completely took all reins. He wanted to stop me and ask the clerkare you going to be here all night sir and then goes to me and repeatedly asksme want do I want to get.

Cancer Man Capricorn Woman Compatibility

Capricorn women,we are, very confounding women. He said to me if you'rearen't physically into it because im kissing on you and such, its ok. I justtold him cut psychological crap out, he was amused. I am a Capricorn woman and my fiance is a Cancer man. I have realized over the years that the Cancer man sometimes hasinsecurity issues, it could be because the Capricorn woman is more practical andcan be a little stand-offish when it comes to matters of love.