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It turns out I was. My friends had created a fake account to make fun of me for using Date'n'Mate.

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I figured out what was going on, but not before I'd fallen hopelessly in love with myself. They were looking for: He'd created a new account, changed his name, and targeted me. He had an erection for the entirety of dinner. He up-tucked his penis into his waistband, but it was still visible through his mesh shirt. It's a sports pinny, he explained, I play intramural sports, for the blue team.

It is quite hard for me to get to know new people. Esynchrony also made me feel safe and I was more willing to go on dates arranged by them because we can view their profile before we meet. Thank you esync for the perfect match.

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We would recommend esync to all singles out there who are still looking for their special half. Give yourself a chance at love. Destiny- That is how I would describe our relationship. But can you imagine that I did not have any mutual friends with Edmund on Facebook? That means that, if it's not for esync, we would never have met each other! Thanks to esync's scientific and practical matching algorithm, Edmund and I could meet each other and start a relationship together!

Thanks esync for bringing happiness and love to us! From Dilys Chan I wanted to find a girl I had "sparks" with.

I had imagined that she would be someone who's considerate and outgoing. During my dates with esync, I put a lot of effort to get to know them personally. When they got home, I would also ask them to message me, so that I can be assured of their safety. Although I put in a lot of effort in dating, some of them became friends with me, some of them went on a second date with me, but it wasn't working for me because I didn't feel any "sparks" during the dates. I met her via esync when my dating package only had 1 month left. We had a nice first date and as usual I requested her to message me when she arrived home safely.

I guess this made a good impression on her. And she said YES!

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We listened to their opinions, and thankfully, things went well. Our relationship has gotten stronger as we learn about our strengths and weaknesses. We discuss and solve problems together. If you are single, do not feel upset or rushed. Join esync first, then just spend some time each day to review your matches. You could delete some who do not match your criteria. If you see someone interesting, approve the match and wait for esync to arrange a date for you! Time flies and we have been together almost one year.

Yet, I still feel inconceivable when recalling how I found her among all. Around a year ago, my good friend, Sally, met her boyfriend successfully through esync.

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Then, she recommended me to esync - that's why I started using esync. At the beginning, I met some girls through esync but I didn't think that they were suitable for me. After two months, I finally met Isabella. Our first date was on 14th December, The date arrangement from esync was great! We were arranged to sit at the corner of the restaurant so that we can have a quiet environment to chat comfortably. Although that was our first meeting, we already established a good rapport with each other as our interests were similar. Both of us studied in Australia before, so naturally, we had a lot of things to talk about. Our dinner lasted for 4 hours and we left unwillingly when the restaurant was about to close! We took another 3 months to understand each other better, and we finally started our relationship around March. We hope that the singles in esync can find their other half and experience our happiness.

I had doubts about esync before I joined because they charged you to arrange a date for you which other websites didn't. I decided to try anyway because of their affiliation with another company, Lunch Actually. After a very detailed personality test, esync found some matches for me. In the beginning, I was not entirely familiar with the functions of the website. The consultant from esync called me to explained how to use the , and after 2 months of searching, I met him — Hanani.

At first, he asked me many questions via the website, which made me feel that he was sincere and not asking straight for a blind date. Most of our answers were the same. So we decided to go on a date. Hanani was my 1st date through esync. Before the date, I was pretty nervous and worried that he would not show up, leaving me to sit in the restaurant alone.

It turned out that he arrived early and was sitting there waiting for me. The restaurant was nicely chosen by the consultant as the environment and food were good. They had arranged a corner table for us so that we could have a nice chat and we did we were the last customers to leave the restaurant. During the meal, we shared a lot of our views.

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I was glad that he is a food lover as well. After the meal, he walked me back to the station as it was quite windy and raining that night. We needed to take a detour to the station, but this also gave us more time to get to know each other. He was a true gentleman. It was indeed a romantic and memorable date for us.

After our 1st date, the consultant called us often for feedback and followed up on us as they saw that our feedback to each other was positive. They kept encouraging us to go further. So, we went for a 2nd date and continued dating after that. Things are going very well. He is a lovely and dependable guy. I am so happy to find my special half. I was pretty reluctant to sign up with esync at the beginning.

I signed up with another online matchmaking site previously, and my experiences were terrible. I was thinking, "Nah. This is probably just another typical site where the candidates are not looking for a genuine partner. So, I decided to give online matchmaking a second try. I told myself that not all companies are the same and that this will be the last try. Indeed, it turned out to be my last attempt.

I met Suan via esync. When my date arrived, I felt reassured. He looked even more nervous than me! Little did I know at that moment, that my date would become my future husband.

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  8. I had a great time, we talked and laughed a lot. Dinner lasted for about 1. I totally forgot about the time, and I was surprised at myself for feeling a little reluctant to leave. I felt entirely at ease with my date. Before we left, he asked for my number, and I was elated, though I refrained from smiling too much at that moment hey, I didn't wanna show too much interest on the first date.

    He was such a gentleman and walked me to my car too! Today, we are soon-to-be husband and wife. He proposed during our anniversary. I was surprised and absolutely elated. This time I smiled from ear to ear and couldn't stop laughing. Now, I tell my friends and colleagues who are still in search of a life partner to consider esync, and not to be afraid of the lengthy questionnaire because it is a blessing in disguise! I am actually smiling as I am writing this story, and hope that those who are single can find love and happiness in their lives as well.

    He is the most amazing guy that I have met.

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