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I met so many folks through my Catholic college alumni association. We had a great time together. I met a lot of nice people - and developed a fabulous social life - filled with people who shared my values for the most part. I even got involved and started organizing events including not only our college alumni but those of other Catholic colleges. My now husband didn't go to my college - but one run by the same religious order in the city we worked in.

One of my college girlfriends was telling one of his friends who was along for the social event and had no affiliation to any of the schools about where we went to school. My now husband overheard - and immediately started talking to me about those priests - we knew several in common. Needless to say - the priests completely enjoy how they brought us together inadvertently!

We joke that while we technically met in a bar - it was Church sanctioned! What a great story! That's a perfect example of going out to meet people and eventually meeting that one person who's right for you: Glad all those guys are getting their advice from you and not somewhere else!

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Golly Tess events a week?! If I can handle that's often more than plenty, and then I just feel like reading a book and going for solitary runs for a few days: I don't necessarily think it is meeting people that's difficult, but getting into a setting where you can actually get to know them tends to be moreso e. So I second the part about befriending groups of people-but not necessarily just gaggles of girls Haha, remember I'm an extreme extrovert.

I would even describe myself as hyper-social. P This advice is clearly coming from an extrovert, and would need to be modified for different personality types and preferences I would never recommend going out more than you want to or feel comfortable! Solitary runs and staying into read are necessities just as much as going out is.

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I also end up at event a week I want to spend time with them all! I would just say that not all girls are matchmakers--I love having guy friends and have some great ones! That being said I love to plan events, go to events, and invite people along, so I guess in that sense my social-ness re: I totally agree, not everyone wants to matchmake I think it's more girls and guys! And a lot of the time it happens by accident, like you said, just in the natural process of introducing people, planning parties, and making friends.

What a fantastic piece you wrote! I'm a social worker and writer and have always been naturally inclined to be a matchmaker. I've introduced a couple of friends who actually got married,and nothing brings me more joy. A couple of friends asked me to edit their dating profiles to bring out their unique qualities. I ended up meeting my true love on OKCupid, but the road along the way was truly challenging.

We decided we wanted to share our experiences, both positive and negative, so we started a blog just for fun last year, and found that by reviewing different sites and sharing our perspectives, that we could really help others. I wrote a review on CatholicMatch.

It seems like the founder's have kept their original principles. Would you tell me what you think? Thanks for sharing this! Sounds like Catholic Match could be a great option for people looking to meet someone. Best of luck with your dating site! I actually enjoyed reading through this posting. There is some real wisdom in the statement "most people meet their spouses through a friend or family member who knows them both.

But when you devote your twenties to education and to getting established in your career If you live your life according to the Church rules, and desire to date Catholic women, you MUST realize that you really have your work cut out for you. You MUST do this work yourself Take advantage of the "young adult ministry" groups while you qualify for them I never did, I was always a bit too old When you age out, you will find yourself very, very alone. Hi Fester, thanks for your comment. Your last line really struck me with what a difficult and painful situation that must be for you.

I can't imagine it, but my heart goes out to you. In my opinion, the Church could and should do more to provide resources for older, single Catholics. This may be old news to you, but have you considered looking online for a relationship? I know several people in their 50s and 60s who have found spouses online.

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Best of luck to you. I've always had plenty of friends. But, none Catholic, or knew any other Catholics. I attend the same few parishes in my area, week after week and year after year, and no one ever notices me coming and going, alone. There are many of us Invisible Singles. Or so I'm told. I have never spoken with a woman that I knew to be a single and available Catholic.

Maybe men are not supposed to say that - we're supposed to let the women whine that "there are no men". Well maybe, since have just crossed into my fifties, I just don't care anymore. I was well past 30 before I had time to think about dating and possibly marriage, and I guess that was a mistake. I should have put a focus on it before the few Catholic single women in my generation got paired off.

I really do believe most of my generation left the Church during the 's. I agree that a lot of Catholics left the Church in the s, but I also know a lot who didn't—including my parents and their friends. How can it be that I know so many devout Catholics in their 50s and 60s yet you seem to know none?

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Honestly, from what you are saying, the problem is your location. I personally know at least three devout Catholic women in their 50s or 60s who are either annulled or widowed and open to dating and marriage. Have you considered moving to a big city and connecting to the local communities there? Then you can see a woman "in action" as you commendably seek to do and have a much larger dating pool to draw from. Tess, this article came up in a Google search for articles about being single and Catholic.

It's over 2 years old. I mistakenly assumed your blog was devoted to that topic; I didn't realize that you are a happy young mommy.

Little House in Chicago: A Letter to Single Catholic Guys

So if this discussion is not relevant to your blog, feel free to shut it down. But the tone of your reply is very interesting to me. Because I've seen it before. It leads me to believe that married people believe that older singles must have had some terrible circumstance that made dating and marriage impossible.

Or that they have some "problem" that needs "fixing".


I didn't say anything about where I live. I live smack in the middle of one of America's larger dioceses. In the fifth largest city in the US.

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