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I can only repeat that this forum remains a place where everyone is welcome to participate. Moose, there probably isn't that much to discuss, other than date of the stamp change. The change in stamp is pretty un-refutable. Found pic model 1 with last varient of brown macarta, late 'early '66 with "newer" stamp. Start of '66 is as good a date as any for change.. The beautiful package above was the catalyst for publishing the use of the stamp change to identify age.

Dating a Randall Knife

The combination above has a pre brown button sheath with a knife that is post? This is an example of the value of recognizing the date of the stamp change for those collectors who are most interested in the Vietnam era. As far as the date of the stamp change, I think we can get to a pretty precise date even without knife documentation. But there are some caveats, the most important being the reliability of conventional dating techniques.

Thanks to Rod, we can be sure that all the "low S" stainless knives had the? The change to the? But of course that period spanned several years. We can do better. Below are three pictures scanned from Sheldon? The first is a model 17 Astro that he says is closely dated to late The next two knives have the? The first is a model 5 with what he identifies as the last phase of brown Micarta that he attributes to first half of The second knife is a 7-spacer model 19 that he identifies as having a blade grind unique to late If the dating in Sheldon's book is correct, then early?

What is remarkable is how the "new" stamp was used seemingly across the board. All models, even bowies exhibited the font geometry change about this time.

Here is an update on blade stamps used to help date Viet era knives. It is a continuation of previous posts. Concerning the the start of stamping continuing through the Vietnam era, it has already been noted that in about the font geometry of the blade stamp changed. So if one is looking at a knife from the Vietnam era say Type 1 has been described in detail previously as the stamp font used from the start of the Randall stamping until Type 2 was used apparently concurrently with Type 1 from about , or even possibly as early as , or so time has not been fully defined to about late Most SS marked blades have this type stamp, but not all.

Type 3 has already been noted as the stamp geometry adopted post early The type 2 and type 3 stamps have some similarities and it is important to be able to recognize the difference between the two Type 1, used prior to has been previously discussed. Here are three group pictures, one sub picture has red lines noting the significant alignments: The vertical line of the? Note the type 1 stamp is pictured on an SS knife, low S knife and a separate S knife.

HELP Identify the age of this Randall Model 14

For what it is worth, almost every low S knife I? So far, about 20 percent of the separate S knives have this geometry. Dated knfe , type 1 stamp Type 3: The differences between the pre type 1 and the post type 3 stamp have been previously discussed. For reference, here are some pictures of type 3 stamps including one with red marks showing the key elements of the geometry.

Note the leg of the? At first glance it looks somewhat like a Type 3 stamp because the leg of the "F" is beneath the middle of the "M".

Randall Knife: when was it made ?

But that is pretty much the only point in common. The comma is smaller than in the type 1 and located just inside the first leg of the "M" and there is not very much of a space between it and the "F". The type 2 stamp was apparently used for a majority of the SS stamped blades that I've seen, but also for a few other blades and appears on some knives documented to as early as about possibly late s, but certainly by But just not very many compared to the type 1.

FSB -- Randall Made Knives Model 1: A Living Legend

For some reason, this stamp seems to have disappeared completely shortly after the advent of the? Last, the inevitable anomaly.

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Note that most SS blades have a type 2 stamp, most low S blades have a type 1 stamp. And the change from exclusively Type 1 to type 3 stamp occurred early in the separate S period. This anomaly shows the value of knowing these stamps. The knife is a low S knife made post How can we tell? It has both the low S and a type 3 stamp? The knife-maker then picked up the? But, sometimes I wonder if he chuckled while thinking..

As a summary, here are the "Cliffs notes" which directly compare the three types of stamps. But that stamp is not part of this discussion. Hello guys Greetings from italy I need a little help. Anyone could tell me the date of this blade stamp? This is apparently an etched logo, not a stamped one.

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So there is not a defined way of using the logo to identify age as yet. Etching is done after the blade has been annealed instead of using a stamp when the blade is still red hot. You can usually identify an etched blade by the "Os" in "Orlando. There are other characteristics as well. As I wrote, there has not been a study comparing etched logos. I had intended to do one after the discovery of the differences in stamps, but I have not followed through. At first glance I could not see an obvious difference between etched logos throughout the s which is the period I am most interested in.

And only a percentage of Randall blades had an etched logo. Of course all the Solingen blade Randalls were etched as were other individual knives in other models Also, all the names and shop-personalized information was etched. So perhaps it could be worth following up, looking at fonts, etc.

A study comparing etched logos from the 50s, 60s, 70s might develop something useful for age determination, or perhaps not. Truth is, I do not understand the basic process and steps involved etching a blade and have not found a pictorial that explains it. Repairs typically take six to nine weeks. It is not the policy of Randall Made to work on knives that have been altered, including the old kit blades; these knives are not covered under the Certification and Guarantee. Note effective September 11, , Randall is not offering re-handle jobs, nor do we repair sheaths.

Spare time and space is devoted to filling military knife orders for our active military customers. Please note regarding Insurance: If you would like a higher insurance amount quoted, please state the amount in your request for quotation letter when sending us the knife.

With sheath facing you, thread one cord into front top holes front-to-back all the way through the belt loop back-side holes and pull through evenly. This cord can be tied to web belt.

RMK Collector :: Ebay Antics

Do not thread cord through the back leather loop. Knot the second end. Pull cord to tighten so that the knotted ends are against the front of the sheath. Bottom of sheath has a tab with two holes. Thread the cord front-to-back and pull through evenly for leg tie-down. A standard sheath is supplied with all models with one knife exception being the model 9 Pro-Thrower, the sheath is extra. The price of the standard sheath is included in the base price of the knife. Randall does offer replacement sheaths. The Randall knife is required in-house for the replacement sheath. Standard sheaths are in stock, however, a special order sheath, such as black, waxed, left, or a knife with a forward curved hilt, these sheaths will take approximately five weeks for ordering. Be advised of your local import and export regulations on fixed-blade knives. Most Countries require a special permit or license to import knives.

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