Marriage not dating dramabeans ep 15

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With the month-long break over, Kang-hyun and Hyun-soo are back together and loving it. Hyun-soo brings up the note Kang-hyun had left on the rooftop the day before. It has numbers scrawled on it — what does it mean? Kang-hyun explains the first calculation as how much money Hyun-soo makes in a day 30 x The second is how much he makes in a year x And the last 55 x 2. Later that night, Kang-hyun blames her lost alcohol tolerance on Kyung-hwan — to encourage him to study, she would go out with his classmates instead and set them up on dates and ruined her stomach with alcohol.

The metaphor extends to her love life, because Kang-hyun had thought she had drunk for the last time, and loved for the last time. Both of which are now proven false. She may have proposed first, but Hyun-soo feels the liquor first, and passes out. A glimpse of manly chest makes her jump back nervously, but then she decides to take a peek. When transferring her to his bed, he falls on top of her of course!

And then he takes a cold shower. All the couple managers push for a welcome-back company dinner, but in the month break, Sung-ho has become serious, spouting Confucian-esque sayings with the grave air of a poet sage. And then they tell him that Hye-sun called off her wedding and he cheers up instantly. At dinner, the other couple managers complain how they spend all their time setting people up on dates but never find love themselves. Kang-hyun spies how Dong-joon and Sun-hee act around each other comfortable, though not romantic and starts seeing a potential match forming in front of her eyes.

She then plants the idea in their heads in the following days by telling Sun-hee that Dong-joon likes her, and vice versa. Hwa-young, on the other hand, is still single without a good prospect in sight. The tenor of their acquaintance has taken on a friendly, almost warm tone, and they both declare the desire to become friends.

Hyun-soo is visited again by his celebrity client from episode 1, Lee Bi-yin. When Hyun-soo consults with an older colleague, he spies the wedding ring on his hand and decides to ask for some advice on how he proposed. Things are plenty romantic just as they are. Like horoscopes, or drama ratings. So Kang-hyun asks what type she likes, and starts forming a plan. Two birds, meet one stone. Kang-hyun calls her three co-workers out for drinks, but then calls Min-jung out for a blind date with Cute Biker.

Seeing him decked out in his non-office attire and on his motorcycle, Min-jung sees the guy in an entirely new and appreciative light. This also leaves Dong-joon and Sun-hee alone together, who start out uncomfortable and awkward, but manage to kick-start their romance all the same. His relationship is going well, but he must inform Hye-sun of his decision to take a hiatus from school.

Marriage not dating dramabeans ep 16

This is his first time seeing this unexpected scenery, and Kyung-hwan relaxes in the chair for a nap. Following this is the part that was so funny in a cringeworthy Office -like way that I actually had to pause and walk away for a few minutes. Hyun-soo ends up on the rooftop and sees someone bundled up in the blanket, napping.

After the initial unease, the two men sit down and chat. He asks Kyung-hwan to keep that tidbit from Kang-hyun, and Kyung-hwan agrees that this falls under the category of manly loyalty.

Marriage not dating ep 3 dramabeans

After a date, Kang-hyun and Hyun-soo are back in his hotel room when they are interrupted by the arrival of a drunk, depressed Bi-yin. She bristles to see Kang-hyun with him, and when Hyun-soo identifies her as his girlfriend, Bi-yin takes a swing and they engage in a too-short! Hyun-soo calls someone — her friend? Things start wrapping up for the others as well: Hwa-young decides to head to Morocco, citing its rich food culture as a great job opportunity. Hyun-soo is maligned as a homewrecker, and the reporters hound him so much he changes hotels. Soon-young argues for the need to regulate, while Hee-soong takes the argument against legal action.

As a result of the media frenzy, clients turn from Hyun-soo, deciding that they cannot trust a cheating lawyer to handle their divorces. He goads Hyun-soo about the rumors, and Hyun-soo loses his temper and punches the guy. Hyun-soo submits his resignation, feeling sorry for causing trouble for the firm, and declares his intention to take a break. Hye-sun tears up the resignation letter but tells Hyun-soo to take a break anyway. He only needs a week to recharge, and Kang-hyun supports his decision.

Just then, Kang-hyun receives a video message from Hyun-soo, and slips away to watch it. Now that she knows where Hyun-soo is, Kang-hyun goes to see him. A few minutes later, Kang-hyun has scrawled a note and put it in the bottle, and sets it in the water.

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Hm, no man for Hwa-young just yet. I feel like Hwa-young would be dating him out of pity more than them being a good match. Nothing wrong with romantic couplings, but also nothing wrong with leaving some of our characters un-matched. Your email address will not be published. Thanks for the quick recap!!! I can't wait till the last episode. I have enjoyed this drama so much because it is so light hearted and just fun.

I have to say the funniest photo above was the two airheads in matching aprons. Love the chocolate comparison. So Kang-hyun was the one who actually proposed. Haha, that's so her. But I'm still hoping for a little proposal from Hyun-soo even though it's no longer a surprise. Thanks for the quick recap! Appreciate the recap as usual. This is really a feel-good drama all the way Although we consensusly agree what a hunk Kim Ji Hoon is, I must say this is one time I really like the female lead very much too!

Kim Min Hee is so infectious and endearing!!

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It's nice to see the world through her eyes. Scriptwriter did well here. Looking forward to the next episode but kinda sad it's ending too. I squealed at the screencaps of the rest of the couples. And the whole Hyun-soo gets attacked by the media and netizens and called a homewrecker- totally did not see that coming! Though Hwa-young doesn't need to be paired with another- I feel like she really deserves to find love and I want to see that happen on screen!

marriage not dating dramabeans ep 15 Marriage not dating dramabeans ep 15
marriage not dating dramabeans ep 15 Marriage not dating dramabeans ep 15
marriage not dating dramabeans ep 15 Marriage not dating dramabeans ep 15
marriage not dating dramabeans ep 15 Marriage not dating dramabeans ep 15
marriage not dating dramabeans ep 15 Marriage not dating dramabeans ep 15
marriage not dating dramabeans ep 15 Marriage not dating dramabeans ep 15
marriage not dating dramabeans ep 15 Marriage not dating dramabeans ep 15
marriage not dating dramabeans ep 15 Marriage not dating dramabeans ep 15
Marriage not dating dramabeans ep 15

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